Residential Water Treatment

Swe Zin May offers wide range of domestic water treatment systems depending on raw water quality and capacity requirement. Media filtration, Ultra Filtration, Nano filtration and Reverse Osmosis systems are available.


Specification: 6 Stage R.O. System Description: Capacity: 200GPD 10″ Housing Filter *3 10″ Post Carbon Coconut Shell *1 LF-45L Steel Tank 3.2G Long Reach Faucet with 1/4″ Shank

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Specification: 48V Transformer Description: DC48V/2.3A/220V

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Specification: 36V Transformer Description: DC36V/2.0A/220V

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Specification: 24V Transformer Description: DC24V/1.2A/220V

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Model Number: HF-50L Specification: RO Pump 50L Description: Voltage: DC48V AMPS: 2.3A Pressure: 120PSI Membrane: 300GPD/400GPD Output: 4.0L/MIN

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Model Number: HF-45L Specification: RO Pump 45L Description: Voltage: DC36V AMPS: 2.0A Pressure: 100PSI Membrane: 200GPD Output: 2.4L/MIN

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