Residential Water Treatment

Swe Zin May offers wide range of domestic water treatment systems depending on raw water quality and capacity requirement. Media filtration, Ultra Filtration, Nano filtration and Reverse Osmosis systems are available.


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Specification: GAC 10″/20″ Description: Granulated Activated Carbon

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Product Name: CTO Specification: CTO 10″/20″ Description: CTO Carbon Block C-69 CTO carbon Block 69mm OMB-934 CTO Carbon Block 64mm

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Product Name: ST-33 Specification: ST-33 10″ Description: Post Spun PP1µ Post Spun PP5µ Nanosilver CTO Coconut Shell GAC Ion Resins 4 in 1 Mineralized (Mineral Stone + Far Infrared Ray…

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Spun PP

Product Name: Spun PP Specification: Spun PP 10″/20″ Description: Spun PP1µ Spun PP5µ Anti-bacterial PP5µ

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Product Name: Nanometer Silver Filter Specification: Nanometer Silver Filter 10″/20″ Description: K-33 Nanometer Silver CTO ST-Nanometer Silver CTO 10”/20” Nanometer Silver CTO Carbon Block

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Product Name: Hd-50 Technical Filter Specification: Service Life 12 Months or 4000L Maximum Flow 2.8LPM Maximum Pressure 125PSI Maximum Temperature 42’C Description: Hydrogen-rich with alkaline water Superior anti-oxidation effect Essential…

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