Water Pump

Swe Zin May is a sole distributor of EVERGUSH pump from Taiwan. We also provide design, installation and after sales services for all our pumps.

Swimming Pool pump – ESTP series

Model Number: ESTP-150, ESTP-200

1.Motor/pump shaft don’t contact with liquids.
2.Total seperation of fluid.
ESTP35~120: 0.8L strainer basket.
ESTP150~300: 2.2L strainer basket.
3.Pump casing,casing cover & impeller are made of highly reinforced plastic.
4.Inlet/Outlet can use quick connector.

Re-circulation and filtration systems, Jetted bath tubs, spa pools, Swimming pools, massage stations, cleaning system, water circulation for aquiculture .

1. Ambient temperature:2~+50C.
2. Liquid temperature:+2~+60C.
3. Max.Working Pressure:
ESTP35~120: 2.5BAR.
ESTP150~300: 3.0BAR

1.Power: 1/3HP~3HP
2.Protection: IP55
3.Insulation: F
4.Pole: 2P
5.Voltage: 1phase 110/220V*60HZ; 1phase 220~240V*50HZ ; 3phase 220V/380V/415V
6.Suction/Discharge: 11/2” ~ 2 ”
7.Max.Head:  19M
8.Max.Capacity: 630 LPM (37.8M3/hr)