Water Pump

Swe Zin May is a sole distributor of EVERGUSH pump from Taiwan. We also provide design, installation and after sales services for all our pumps.

Sea water pump – EJA series

Model Number: EJA150

1. Pump casing, casing cover and impeller are made of reinforced engineered thermoplastic.
2. Motor shell is made of high quality aluminum alloy with excellent heat dissipation effect.
3. Single phase motor is equipped with built-in overload protector to prevent motor from burnout easily due to abnormal conditions.
4. Equipped with pneumatic switch operation, to ensure easy usage & safety.
5. When motor is off, all the liquid in the pump will drain out rapidly.

For hydro massage bathtubs, display fish tank water circulation, sea water transfer and re-circulation.

1. Liquid temperature: +2~+60C
2. Ambient temperature: +2~+50C
3. Working pressure: Max. 2.5 kg/cm2
4. Clean water or liquids without abrasives,sea water

1. Output: 0.35HP~2HP
2. Motor Protection: IPX5
3. Insulation: F
4. Pole: 2P
5. 1phase110/220V*60HZ; 1phase220~240V*50HZ
6. Inlet/Outlet: 1.5”
7. Max.Head: 15M(50HZ) / 16M(60HZ)
8. Max.Capacity: 460 LPM(50HZ)/  450LPM(60HZ)